29 ianuarie: [Concert] Kitty in a Casket in Flying Circus Pub

Concert Kitty in a Casket+Schlitz in deschidere+afterparty>ora 01.00

Flying Circus Pub

sambata, 29 ianuarie 2011, ora 22.30

intrare: 10 lei

Kitty in a Casket (grrrrl fronted psychobilly , rockabilly , punk’n’roll from Wien , Austria) in Flying Circus Pub Sambata, 29 Ianuarie 2011.

Kitty in a Casket came into being in autumn 2008, when Kitty and Billy decided to start a band together. That’s when Bloody Lovesong and Canibal Paradise was written. Later that year they found an outstanding double bass player (Marc), as well as a drummer from hell (Mike) and immediately recorded their smashing debut album „Horror Express“, which came out in spring 2009 on the famous „billy“- lable CRAZY LOVE RECORDS. By that time lots of live shows and festivals have been played in all over Europe. In the same year, merely five months after „Horror Express“ was in stores, they released another fancy record „HalloWien“ on the most crucial of all fests: Halloween. Since then the sound of KITTY IN A CASKET got a bit harder, punkier and faster than on the debut- but not only that, also the vocals and the backing vocals are more unique and more sophisticated. After the release and a triumphant Halloween-show, KIAC found themselves a well- known double bass player, as Marc all of a sudden decided to quit the band. Slappin Suspender (Heiko), who plays also with P.O.X. and Mason Dixon Hobos now rocks the stage with Kitty. It won’t take too long until new tunes will be produced by this talented and crative band. Until then be sure to attend one of their remarkable shows this year.

via Flying Circus Pub


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